Gift Cards

Punch Pass

The punch pass has four movie passes. To use the punch pass bring the card in with you the next time you come to our facility and we will punch one of the HC out of the card and than give you your ticket.

No purchase of concession is needed. Only valid when card is present at facility. Punch passes are not refundable or does not have any cash value at all. Punch passes can not be replaced if lost or stolen. If you have any other concerns or question please email

Gift Cards

We have gift cards available all season long. They are a great birthday gift and holiday gifts. Gift cards are sold for $10, $15, $20 or $25. You can put any amount on these cards but it has to be at least $10. Gift cards can be used to purchase movie tickets and concessions as well. Gift cards are reloadable. Your balance gets printed on the bottom of your receipt after your transaction. You can always check your balance at our facility by asking one of our friendly staff members and they will be more than happy to find out for you. You can also check your balance online on the website located on the back of the card.

To use gift card, Card must be present at the time of purchase. Purchase amount will be deducted from available balance upon swipe at Westside Cinemas POS. Gift cards can not be turned into cash value, except where required by law. Gift Cards should be protected like cash. Westside Cinemas is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damage cards or unauthorized use. If you have any concerns or question about Gift Cards please email