Westside Cinemas prohibits outside food and drinks inside their theaters. This includes personal water bottles. Anything that is not purchased from the concession counter at Westside Cinemas is classified as outside food and drinks.
Over sized bags, over sized purses and backpacks are not allowed in Westside Cinemas's theaters.Bags must be left in vehicles or secured with a staff member behind the counter. Medical backpacks are an exception if you can prove that it is a medical backpack. Expectable proof is a certified doctors note, A ID Badge of an organization that works with special needs clients. 
Weapons are prohibited on Westside Cinemas INC Property. That includes guns, knives, nun chucks, etc. 
Use of cell phones are prohibited in Westside Cinemas theaters.
Film piracy is prohibited in Westside Cinemas theaters. Anyone that is suspected of film piracy, Staff and Managers will follow NATO protocols and procedures. With support from the NATO, MPAA, 
Federal law: 
18 U.S.C.A. § 2319B
Maine Law: 
17 MRSA §3521- Detention, 
17-A MRSA §353, sub-§1C- Theft provision
17-A MRSA, Sub-§ 5D Penalty
All concession sales are final.
Admission tickets can be refunded with in the first 25 minutes of the movie.

Purchases with debt/credit cards have to be $5.00 minimum charge.

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